What people are saying about Tara...

I went to see Tara when I was probably at one of the lowest points in my life. I know that a lot of families see Tara, but I was a single woman without a family of my own yet, and she was referred to me by one of my dear friends. For a variety of reasons, I was feeling extremely hopeless and was experiencing a lot of self-doubt. My sessions with Tara literally changed my life. She was so easy to talk to…so real, so loving, and so genuine…and she helped me delve very deeply in to my past and my own birth experience. Tara helped me come to realizations that had never even crossed my mind before. She helped turn my whole perspective on my situation around, and assisted me in turning self-hate in to self-love. Tara was honestly the very beginning of what was a huge life transformation for me. She introduced me to books that helped my growth, and another doctor/naturopath who also helped me move my life in the direction I wanted. Tara helped me bring my life in to my control, and I am forever grateful to her. I have seen three other therapists in my lifetime, and I can truthfully say that none of them have had the affect on me that Tara did. I highly recommend her as a counselor to anyone needing help in any way. Thank you Tara!

K.R., Santa Barbara, California

Tara, I am so beyond grateful for your kindness, your energy and your care to help me through this time. Words cannot possibly express how much my time with you has meant to me and changed my whole outlook, from 30 years of cementing a belief, chipping away at it has been liberating.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tracy T., Santa Barbara, California

After many years that I’ve known Tara both personally and professionally, I can say that she is a woman of remarkable integrity, generosity, and caring. Tara has an innate gift of listening and empathy, which are the essential qualities of a good counselor. Over time, she has developed and mastered a powerful combination of knowledge, intuition, and experience, all guided by high spiritual values.
I have gone to Tara for help at the most defining moments in my life. Every time we worked together, I have received, first of all, a true and deep acknowledgment of my problem, which alone brings a certain amount of relief. But it was her remarkable skills as a counselor that helped me tremendously to make breakthroughs. Tara hones in on the source of a problem with amazing speed and accuracy, almost as if she has an inner radar, asking just the right questions to guide me to insights and understanding of energy dynamics at work. At times, I would let out the “AHA” scream, so profound was the realization she had led me to. I’m deeply grateful for all the support and help I have received from her.

Svetlana Meritt, Santa Barbara, California

Tara Blasco combines skill with compassion and wisdom in helping others make necessary shifts. Gently and steadily she helps them become free from old limiting patterns and beliefs. The result is that they touch more deeply the essence of who they really are as radiant beings. Her gifts as a counselor are much needed in this world.

Dr. Lisa Love, Ojai, California

What I most appreciate about working with Tara is the quality of her support. Her warm groundedness coupled with the open curiosity she offers helped me feel safe and willing to step outside of my familiar ways of seeing. What a gift to connect with a richer sense of myself in this world, and to see others with fresh eyes.

Rebecca Macsween, Madrid, Spain

Working with prenatal and birth therapy is one of the most important things I have done in my life. It has helped me heal the difficult and painful stories of my past, feel better and be happier in the present moment.

I was introduced to this work by Tara and I am very grateful for what it has meant in my life. It has helped me tremendously. I feel good with myself and my relationships with others are improving.

This is the most respectful form of counseling I know. The principles of the work create a quality of safety and respect that I have never experienced in other approaches.

With her help, I feel more settled and peaceful, my relationships have improved a lot and I am experiencing forgiveness and gratefulness - feelings that have giving me a lot of joy.

Inma González, Tolosa, Guipuzcoa, Spain

With Tara I feel safety and trust to work with whatever memory of my past. I feel very well taken care of during the journey, I feel her close, and I know I will get to the other side of the river. Working with her I have discovered my slow rhythm, my capacity to offer love and be gentle with others. I have also realized how important it is to create a world where relationships between parents and children are rightful. I also learned how important it is to welcome sadness, anger, pain for the losses - and by doing this I have felt more alive and real.

Lola Calpe, Alicante, España

Tara Blasco has a warm presence of holding a container of safety and trust. Her wide range of skills support a capacity of healing and foster transformation clearly, at a slow tempo for real holistic shifts to occur for Mom's Dad's, baby's and children.

I consider myself very lucky to work, and learn with Tara, as her assistant and as a colleague its been so much fun to deepen and integrate both imprints, and the discovered rewarding blueprint health coming alive on all levels.
Tara has inspired me on so many levels, including in her work at BEBA, and her home life in Ojai.

Frank Carbone, Ojai, California

I visited BEBA to work with the staff there regarding my work with families, especially parents with babies. Tara Blasco was very generous with her time and knowledge. She debriefed with me, giving me a chance to grow as a therapist and an educator. She is currently one of the supervisors of my work with families. Her kind and firm approach has greatly benefited me as a professional. Her depth of knowledge regarding pre and perinatal work is profound and evident in her guidance. I especially appreciate her professionalism and her warm presence. She has also assisted me in developing new curriculum for the pre and perinatal field. I highly recommend her as a therapist and a supervisor of practitioners.

Kate White
Director of education, Apppah
Charlottesville, VA

It was a privilege to participate in a process workshop facilitated by Tara Blasco. It astounds me how gracefully Tara facilitated my ability to move from a cerebral understanding of my story and stored emotion to being able to embody my emotion with full feelings. She then gently guided me through the early imprinting and back to the present day impact in such a way that I can use this imprinting from a place of strength rather than be held prisoner. Before the workshop I possessed knowledge of who I am a s worthwhile person, during the workshop Tara’s brilliant sculpting of the process, the support of participants, and my own availing to the emotional safety within the container resulted in knowledge transforming into mind and body knowing. This is the wonderful “integration” that Tara speaks of. When “integration” happens the click seems audible as past and present nervous systems sigh at once together in a blessed state of being that “all is well.” Tara brings a wonderful and nurturing blend of strength and gentleness that sets a positive tone among the participants.

Tara possesses a keen intuition for waiting. So much of the workshop is about waiting, and I am impressed with her ability to be fully present and patient to each person’s process. The process is about waiting and seeing and with Tara’s experience, expertise and intuition she waits and sees the windows and knows just how to bring the view to you during the process. With her guidance I am able to not just look through the windows of my soul, but experience a transformative ability to see outside of myself. The impact of the process workshop continues as my nervous system and thoughts experience a lock and key connection that blesses me with living in the present instead of the past’s imprinting.

T. E., Santa Barbara, California